Dagom Buddhist Dharma Foundation
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Dagom Buddhist Dharma Foundation
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The Dagom Buddhist Dharma Foundation foundation was initiated in 2000 by Kyabje Dagom Rimpoche in order to allow the diffusion of Buddhist teachings and create a Canadian entity able to collect funds to realize humanitarian projects. Upon his coming during the fall 2005, Dagom Rimpoche expressed the wish that the foundation must be registered as a non-profit organization. In January 2006, a license of non-profit organization was attributed from the Canadian authorities to the Dagom Buddhist Dharma Foundation. This status allows the foundation to issue receipts for tax purposes.

Find here the objectives of the foundation as stated in its constitution:

  • Promote Tibetan Buddhism in Canada.
  • Create an appropriate environment for the religious activities.
  • Organize, administer and support a center.
  • Organize and offer various programs and teachings on Buddhism.
  • Support Buddhist monasteries in Tibet Mongolia, Nepal and India.
  • Sponsor under-privileged children, here in Canada, and in Tibet, Mongolia, Nepal and India.
  • Furnish services to answer the spiritual needs of the members.